Air & technical complex

IL-76 TD EKf2

  • Extinguishing of fires;
  • Strife with locast;
  • Fissile effect on radioactive chemically dangerous aer formations;
  • Cargo descending;
  • Cargo transportation;
  • Localization oil of overflow

I he moditication ot an airplane in a tire-tighting version allows to execute extinguishing of large area forest fires and focal points of fire 01 enterprises producing oil and chemically dangerous productions.  


  • Monitoring of zones of floodings
  • Monitoring of oil spills and other impurities of a water surface;
  • Supply with information of search and rescue operations during air and marine debacles;
  • Patrolling marine and land borders, monitoring of moving motor vehicles.


The complex ACEM-M is intended for realization of monitoring of territory in visible, infrared and radar ranges with usage of coordinate-timing attachment of detected anomalies of ecological nature, transmission from a board of BE-103 of the formalized messages and synthesized pieces of a video and radar maps of a surface.