“Ecological Safety of the Mediterranean” the international scientific conference had been held in Limassol, Cyprus since 12 till 15 of April, 2004 in St. Raphael Hotel. The main practical outcome of the conference became a decision to establish in Cyprus a large international scientific center for ecological monitoring of whole Mediterranean Region. According to Mr. Ilia Spector of Russia, the conference’s organizer, the aviation-naval complex created on the Russian technology basis operating in real time mode provides information about current water, air, soil condition that permits the scientists to solve ecological problems effectively and promptly. Besides, the center has antiterrorist functions. The Russian Ambassador to Cyprus Mr. Andrey Nesterenko attended the conference has supported the idea of such an international center establishing.

The very first day of the conference was devoted to ecological monitoring. Academician Alexey Yablokov of Russia and Professor Yuriy Kolodniy of Israel, the leading world expert in water purification problems, told the participants about horrifying condition of the world ocean. Apparently, that the main source of contamination is the leakage of oil and petrolic products from tankers. Mediterranean Sea, which constitutes 0.7% of the planet’s water deposits amounts more than 25% of the world oil traffic.
In connection with the all above we have to say honestly without exaggeration that Mediterranean Sea, the cradle of ancient civilizations calls the mankind for urgent ecological help. Fortunately, the situation in Cyprus is pretty favorable since there are no oil traffic corridors in the nearest approach to the island. The both famous scientists kindly agreed to give our newspaper a briefing. Academician Yablokov said, we’ll have been enjoying with the fact that Cyprus coastal water is much more cleaner than near French Riviera or Italian seaboard for maximum 20-25 years. Professor Kolodniy who has been living for last 13 years in Israel is even more optimistic. According to Mr. Kolodniy we’ll be happy with our coastal water for about 50 years, “But everything is relative…”-he adds.
Professor Kolodniy likes joking, and as a proof of his idea he says: “You remember a short story from Jewish humor. A Jewish man in a street market questions another one: ‘Listen, my friend, you have just one hair on your head. Is it much or not? … not much! But if this hair is in your soup?!…’ Comparing with Russian Sochi and Novorossiysk or Turkish ports and even with Israeli Haifa,”- continues Professor Kolodniy, -“you, guys, are in ideal conditions, but the world tendencies are not favorable. In Hanover, Germany you just cannot risk to enter water. Every year 3,250. new types of contamination appear in the world. Mutations and cancerous complexes emerge every second. So, usually I finish my lecture with the words: now you know all the truth about water, go to the buffet and drink nothing but brandy!”

The second day was devoted to anti-terrorist activity. During recent years international terrorists become more and more impudent and aggressive, that’s why any countries even the most prosperous ones ought to be prepared to their intrigues. Three years ago it was formed the CIS Antiterrorist Center as an coordinating agency for successful struggle against international terrorism and extremism. Victor Petrischev of Russia, the Antiterrorist Center Scientific Council’s Chairman takes part in the conference. In short interview for “Vestnik Kipra” Russian local newspaper Mr. Petrischev draws our attention to the fact that anti-terrorist activity and ecological safety are closely bound.
“We strive to elaborate the methods which allow to detect the most dangerous types of terrorism in order the adequate preventive measures to be taken,”- Mr. Petrischev said. “The Scientific Council of our Center,”-, he continues,- “ consists of the representatives of 11 countries of the CIS. We frequently have meetings to discuss urgent problems and suggest specific solutions to eliminate them. So, for instance, last year we had issued an anti-terrorist dictionary, since is very important to speak about the problem using the adequate language and terminology. Our dictionary was highly appreciated by United Nations’ Anti-terrorist Committee. Last year we had elaborated the general conception of struggle against terrorism for whole post-soviet territory”.

The third and final day of the conference was a summarizing one. Obviously, that on the eve of the event when Cyprus enters the European Union the conference was a practical confirmation of the intentions to unite all efforts of the EU member states including the ten newly accepted ones to ensure safety of Mediterranean region.
According to Alexander Sharavin, The Moscow Political and Military Research Institute’s Director, the decision to establish in Cyprus a center for ecological monitoring creates a new opportunity to form a comprehensive data base that is very important for Cyprus as a country of tourism industry where clean sea water and air are sources of the nation’s economical prosperity.
Concerning the equipment of the future center, we can talk about one or two light airplanes (the aviation producers from Komsomolsk -on- Amur City, Russia participated in the conference, their product, the light amphibian multipurpose aircraft Be-103 does not have an analog in the world), one ship, a surface base in Limassol and a group of coordinators-dispatchers. “We desire such a center to be open as soon as possible in order to ensure ecological safety of our region,”- the organizer of the conference Mr. Ilia Spector says. “Having a serious experience in this activity in Russia we shall exercise all our efforts in order to the Cyprus center be functioning properly. This program has long term prospects. The first practical steps will be committed by October, 2004. Our conference will become an annual scientific and political forum,”- he concluded.
Mr. Ravil Nigmatullin, M.D the Tatarstan Republick’s Official Representative in Cyprus, and a head of international organization “The Worldwide International Rehabilitation Center” incorporated in 2002 by Cyprus Ministry of Interior, supported the idea that the ecological monitoring data utilization is extremely advisable for Cyprus when we are talking about determination of salubrious natural resources and development and maintenance of existing resorts and natural spas.
The participants of the conference, the state officials, large companies’ management, scientists and businessmen from European countries, Russia and Israel came to the conclusion that this conference was very valuable. Cyprus business was represented by Mr.Yannis Kallis, General Manager of Kallis Development and Construction Company and Mr. Christos Adamou, advocate. RTR, the Russian TV Channel will broadcast the reportage from the conference.

Andrey Avsitidiyskiy