A.Yablokov President of Center for Russian Environmental Policy (Russia)
N.Kuznetsov Professor Full Member of RAS Director of the Institute, (Russia)
Yu. Kolodny Ph.D., D. Sc, ARCAL (Israel)
E.Vegner Professor, Institute of Phisics (Ukraine)
A.Sharavin Director, Institute of Political and Military Analysis (Russia)
A.Karpov President, "Air Start" Aerospace Corporation (Russia)
V.Petrishchev Chairman of Scientific Counsil of Anti-Terroristic Center of Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia)
I.Spektor Director of "INEC Ltd" (Russia)
Yu.Zevakin Advisor of Director of Institute of Political and Military Analysis (Russia)
S.Efremenkov Director, "SET-1" (Russia)
P.Polishchuk Chief Designer of SA-20P Amphibian JSC "KnAAPO" (Russia)
V.Belotserkovich Head of Aircraft Project Department JSC "KnAAPO" (Russia)
V.Domrachev Director, Close Corporation "Aircraft Resource of Siberia" (Russia)
M.Fridhendler ASSISTec Ltd. (Israel)
M.Vysotsky ASSISTec Ltd. (Israel)
T.Khudobina Representative of Russian TV (Russia) Ph.D.
R.Nigmedzyanov Head of WMRC project (Tatarstan) Director
Y.Kallis of "Kallis Group" (Cyprus) Director of Law
Ch.Adamou Office (Cyprus)

After listening 11 reports and taking into account the following issues:
-necessity for usage and development of modem technologies in order to solve actual environmental problems of Mediterranean territory;
-useful political, economical and geographical conditions existing on the territory of Republic of Cyprus;
the Participators


1. To consider organization of International Ecology Center («INTERECOLOGY») in Limassol, Republic of Cyprus, as rational for the following purposes:

  • application of modem technologies for environment situation monitoring and data transfer including usage of aerospace systems;
  • experimental application of orders for protection of highly dangerous objects;
  • organization of data bank of current environmental dangers and technologies concerning their elimination;
  • development and application of rational water usage.

2. To appeal to the interested companies to take part in formation and organization of activity of Mediterranean International Ecology Center.

3. To appeal to the management of JSC "KnAAPO" (Russia) to consider an issue of delivery of experimental modifications of the Be-103 and SA-20P aircraft to Republic of Cyprus in order to perform demonstrations works on environment monitoring including policy purposes and fire fighting.
4. To appeal to Administration of Siberia (Russia) to consider possibility for participation of Siberian region in usage of the modern environment technologies on its territory.
5. To issue a volume of reports according to results of conference in English and Russian.
6. To thank Cyprus Government and Administration of Limassol as well as Coordinators of Interecology 2004 for perfect organization of the conference.
7. To meet for the next conference in April, 2005.1