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 Patrol boat, project. 16220  Patrol ship, project. 123107Э1


At the beginning of the 90th the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation (at present - Goscomecologia of Russia) developed the environmental patrol fleet construction program named "Development of the Russian Environmental Protection Complex on Monitoring of Environment. Sea Economic Zones and Internal Waters Natural Resources", adopted by the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council of Ministers on February 23, 1991, and which has being primarily financed by the Federal Environmental Fund of the Russian Federation. This Program also became one of the Subprogram "Conversion for Ecology" of the State Program "Defense Industry Conversion" The construction of environmental pollution patrol ships under these Programs was assigned to the "Association of Marine Instrument Manufacturers", that was created by some military industrial companies in Saint-Petersburg specially for this aim and that could be viewed as a result of conversion of military industry.

By this time in Russia two environmental pollution monitoring patrol boats pr. 16220 "Ecopatrol" have been built and are successfully operated in the Saint-Petersburg region (since 1995) and in Astrakhan region (since 1997). The third boat of this project is founded and the building of the first marine ship of 23107Э1 project is being finished.


The patrol ships for environment pollution monitoring are designed to provide local pollution control authorities with measured data describing the actual pollution of water, bottom soil and the near-water free air layer. The environmental testing measurements are being carried out by special automated laboratory equipment installed onboard the boat as well as the deck-based remote controlled aircraft and underwater units.


Environmental pollution monitoring patrol boat "Ecopatrol-l"(pr. 16220) is exploited in the Neva gulf, "Ecopatrol-2" is exploited in Astrakhan. The experience of using environmental pollution monitoring patrol boats allows to offer the following basic types of the work for solving problems of environmental water protection and its condition monitoring:
Regular inspection of environmental condition of aquatoriums, revealing of trends environmental condition and getting of necessary information environmental monitoring data. Monitoring of aquatoriums in the areas of the most probable environmental offences. The aim is detection of the prohibited pollution and imposing a fine. Works in the emergency situation Carrying out of research in aquatoriums for revealing of the possible goal-directed influence to the environment.
As a result of using environmental pollution monitoring patrol boats in the Neva river in the Saint-Petersburg region 300 sources of pollution were revealed among them 12 earlier unknown points. All culprits were punished. The suits were brought to courts and considerable fines were exacted.
As a result of Kronstudt port inspection some hydrotechnical activities were forbidden because of the large amount of oil products were discovered in bottom soil. In the Volga river near Astrakhan the comparative valuation of the environmental condition of aquatoriums was carried out and the most polluted points were revealed. The general length of the inspected aquatorium of Volga, by the patrol boat during 5 expeditions is 1800 km.

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