• Detection and control over technical parameters and radio-electronic devices' signals;
  • Keeping records of detected signals and their spectral characteristics;
  • Determination of temporary loading of frequency and frequency bands;
  • Static processing of signals' parameters, electromagnetic compatibility calculation;
  • Souro source location and boresight mapping on electronic locality map;
  • Keeping records of the calculated radiation sources' position data.


  • Detection and technical analysis frequency band is 0.1-2600 MHz;
  • Direction finding frequency band is 30-1000 MHz;
  • Frequency measurement ratio error iz not less than 2*10
  • Incoming signal level measurements' ratio error is not more than 3 dB;
  • Dynamic range of incoming signals' level processing is not less than 110 dB;
  • Number of area maps' scales in use is not less than three and number of areas - not less than ten;
  • Survey rate in 5 MHz zone for narrow-band signals is not less than 15 MHz/s, for wideband signals - not less than 60 MHz/s. On special request the rate can be increased up to 50 MHz/s for narrow-band signals and up to 150 MHz/s for wideband signals;
  • Use of radio channel as communication equipment is allowed;
  • Static signal processing over following parameters: frequency, time, duration, signal level, activity and intensity of work is possible. Detection of unregistered souro sources on basis archived data.

When operated, the aero portable station solves radio control tasks in areas outside stationary radio control devices, detection and location if interferences, unregistered radiation sources, etc.