Portable thermal imaging and measuring system is a precise instrument, useful wherever you need to see and measure the temperature of invisible thermal fields.


Configuration of portable computer thermograph IRTIS-2000 is optimized as far as possible to obtain high technical parameters with the use of relatively simple technological solutions and combination with the state-of-the-art computer technologies. This ensures highly effective application of IRTIS-2000 for a wide range of problems such as: checking the condition of power stations, high-power transformers, high-voltage electric circuits and contacts, heat supply systems, examining inflammations in a human body, investigating heat losses from buildings and constructions, etc. IRTIS-2000 is based on the experience we gained during 20 years of experience in the field of thermography, adapting mobility standard in systems of electric power, chemical production, municipal services, scientific research, medicine and other spheres.


IRTIS-2000 has high sensitivity to temperatures (temperature sensitivity per frame - better than 0.05 C) and characteristics stability, small in size (92x 120x200 mm) and weight (1.5 kg), mobility, low power consumption (does not exceed 1.2W and allows the IRTIS-2000 to operate continuously for no less then 5 hours from a small-size 6V battery similar to one used to power video cameras), to perform accurate measurement of absolute temperatures and be simple to upgrade with the development of computer technologies.


6pIRTIS software package is specially designed for easy operating as in laboratories as in the field conditions. It is included in the standard set of the IRTIS-2000 system, and contains a driver to control the IR-camera, which provides data acquisition and real-time visualization of thermal images, recording, viewing, processing, analysis, and printing of thermograms within the limits sufficient for effective operation of the IR-system. Software version under WINDOWS is developed, delivered for IR-system concrete applications and is not included in the standard set of IRTIS-2000 system.


Revolutionary new scanning system of IRTIS-2000 makes it possible to obtain high repeatability of successive frames geometry and uniform sensitivity over the entire frame field. This ensures high sensitivity of the device, even when IR-camera operates at low temperatures, allows the parameters of IR-receiver to be stabilized regardless of ambient temperature, and provides for accurate measurement of absolute temperatures.
IRTIS-2000 provides a powerful solution for scientific thermal testing, and even in case of well-known general purpose non-contact temperature measurement applications it allows to greatly widen method potentialities.